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جامعات وجوامع

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أطلب عبر واتساب   

Education is considered an effective, soft and obedient society tool to create healthy individuals who are able to achieve security for the community in its deep and comprehensive sense, represent its culture, preserve and develop it through the mechanisms that education possesses of mechanisms that provide young people with the capacity for creativity, innovation, dialogue, planning for the future, occupying leisure time, coexistence, tolerance, acceptance of others, bearing responsibility, and the availability of commitment to duty Towards the group, in addition to being a means to supply development programs with persons qualified to implement and advance them.ذها، والنهوض بها.
Therefore, if we raise the slogan "Education first" while planning for the future of our country, then what we did is neither an exaggeration, nor a risk, nor a deviation from what is required, nor exceeding in the order of priorities, as some of those who hold the reins of affairs or the decision-making power think that the issue of education can be postponed and that the buildings You must take precedence over the meanings and that all that should occupy people is what fills their stomachs, clears their bodies, heals their ailments, and relieves them of their afflicted souls if they find a way to do so. إلى ذلك سبيلًا.
Among those inclined to endless despotism are those whose income realizes that paying attention to education reform is a necessity for the revival of society, but they may prefer that the awareness of their subjects remain at a minimum until their leadership smooths out and facilitates control over them, either by reducing their demands in life to the point of subsistence or withholding their eyes from what is happening in other countries. Around them, and it may arouse their jealousy or their anger and alert them to the ugliness that stains their reality and the shackles in which they are laid, so they become angry, desiring to improve their conditions of life.ط حياتهم.
This is a wrong and deficient view at the same time. He who knows and is conscious will represent the most important elements of production if we measure things by purely material measures, which is wrong in any case. Humans are the main pillar of development and its ultimate destination, and whoever knows will facilitate his attraction to the grand and solid national goals and plans, if available, and the authors of them endeavor to build a strong, self-sufficient and effective state in its surroundings and have a tangible role in the whole world.لم أجمع.
Those who believe that the first pillars in any building of a modern society is education, they have every right to what they believe, and they always have what they quote to prove the correctness of their vision. As soon as he comes discreetly on the issue of education, he only narrates to our ears several facts or experiences spanning time, civilizations, cultures and circumstances confirming beyond any doubt that there is no hope for progress or renaissance while our schools, institutes and universities are under the yoke of backward educational curricula that are taught to learners by teachers. They obtained only a small amount of knowledge and knowledge, which they used to gain their livelihood and advance their career levels, concealing what is in the teacher's neck of a sublime message. رسالة سامية.
The story, but the first experience most cited is that of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, who was aware of what the first verse in the Holy Qur’an demanded: “Read in the name of your Lord who created.” After the Battle of Badr, which his followers were obligated to fight, he decided that every prisoner should teach ten Muslim children to read and write. As a condition for his liberation, he used to say: "Your best is to learn science and its knowledge" and "Scholars are heirs of the prophets."ثة الأنبياء".
There are those who liked the way of the great Greek philosopher Socrates as he went among the people in the markets to teach them wisdom, believing that the possession of the young Athenians would make them stronger, more resolute and more able to survive than their opponents in Sparta, which was only preoccupied with preparing warriors whose quick and temporary victory was soon after. He went with the times and remained the wisdom of the philosophers of Athens that people see and benefit from to our days.أيامنا هذه.
In the modern era, the French leader Charles de Gaulle gave an eloquent lesson when he asked, after informing him that the Germans had destroyed his country and left it in ruins: What is the state of the university and the judiciary, when they answered him: It is fine, he stood and said with confidence: If we will be able to rebuild France. Likewise, Mahathir asked Muhammad when he took power: Are there not a thousand brilliant engineers in Malaysia who said: Yes, and he said with more confidence: With them I will build my country.ي بلادي.
And there is the experience of the great Bengali economist, Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Prize winner who sought to employ his knowledge as a university professor in the service of the people of his country who were starving, so he established the “Bank of the Poor”. I teach it at a time when famine is killing people on the sidewalks and the roads around my lecture hall. "محاضراتي".
The Prince of Poets, Ahmed Shawki, believed when he sang:
“With knowledge and money, people build their ownمُ
No king was built on ignorance and negligence. "قلالِ".
And if we want to reform our education, we must clearly and decisively differentiate between “education” and “teaching”. The former is promoted by a modern civic education that does not put before science and knowledge any barriers or restrictions. And the second one fell into it when they transformed "religious education" into a mere indoctrination, repetition, memorization, submission and surrender, creeping in their vision to our educational institutions as a whole, in which the overwhelming majority of teachers and professors no longer ask their pupils and students only one abominable question: Have you memorized the lessonلدرس؟
This book discusses the idea that is based on that disparity that should be between “education” and “teachings” through a lengthy study on Azharite education in Egypt with its past, present, and future, and another study on the most influential “teachings” on our modern and contemporary social reality, which are those that In the ideas of the Brotherhood’s founder and first mentor, Hassan al-Banna, the matter was imposed on the necessity of studying ways to employ education in the manufacture of religious moderation and urbanization, and how to build a methodology for religious education that confronts extremism and extremism and works tirelessly and tirelessly to elevate morals and refine behavior. It is outdated and has become part of the human "history of science" and not "science" as it should be in our contemporary society, which faces very different questions from those that faced the ancients. التي واجهت الأقدمين.
It also dealt with the role of education in building nations, how to create a stimulating context for knowledge and science, ways to remove illusions about the so-called "summit colleges", and what experts reported, who met one day to discuss how to advance our education, whose conditions are neither an enemy nor a friend, and what students, students and their families told about the nightmares of exams They are caught in their sleep until the last of their ages and ages, and what we should do in order to prepare our girls to be basic schools for their children and the need to pay attention to culture as a synonym for education in making progress and the importance of believing that the power of knowledge is more necessary for our country than the force of arms.ة السلاح.
Although these studies were written consecutively, while articles were written astrologically at long intervals as a contribution to the debate on education reform, there is an acceptable and reasonable regulator that brings them together that may be expressed in the title of this book, which shows that the intertwining and exchange of benefits, purposes, passions and paths between our universities and our mosques until the moment in which we live.ي نعيشها.
Pages: 216
Book Size: 17244

يتم إعفاء عدة أنواع من البضائع من إرجاعها. لا يمكن إرجاع البضائع القابلة للتلف مثل الطعام أو الزهور أو الصحف أو المجلات أو الكتب.
لإكمال عملية الإرجاع ، نطلب إيصالًا أو إثباتًا للشراء.
من فضلك لا ترسل مشترياتك إلى الشركة المصنعة.
هناك حالات معينة يتم فيها منح المبالغ المستردة جزئية فقط (إن وجدت)
- كتاب بعلامات استعمال واضحة
- قرص مضغوط أو قرص DVD أو شريط VHS أو برنامج أو لعبة فيديو أو شريط كاسيت أو سجل فينيل تم فتحه
- أي عنصر ليس في حالته الأصلية تالف أو مفقود أجزاء لأسباب لا تتعلق بخطأنا
المبالغ المستردة (إن وجدت)
بمجرد استلامك وتفتيشك ، سنرسل إليك بريدًا إلكترونيًا لإعلامك بأننا قد استلمنا العنصر الذي تم إرجاعه. سنخطرك أيضًا بالموافقة على استرداد أموالك أو رفضه.
إذا تمت الموافقة عليك ، فستتم معالجة المبلغ المسترد ، وسيتم تلقائيًا تطبيق رصيد على بطاقة الائتمان الخاصة بك أو طريقة الدفع الأصلية ، في غضون فترة معينة من الأيام.
المبالغ المستردة المتأخرة أو المفقودة (إن وجدت)
إذا لم تكن قد استردت أموالك ، فتحقق أولاً من حسابك المصرفي مرة أخرى.
ثم اتصل بشركة بطاقة الائتمان الخاصة بك ، فقد يستغرق الأمر بعض الوقت قبل نشر المبلغ المسترد رسميًا.
بعد ذلك ، اتصل بالمصرف الذي تتعامل معه. غالبًا ما يكون هناك بعض الوقت للمعالجة قبل نشر الاسترداد.
إذا كنت قد فعلت كل هذا ولم تستلم أموالك المستردة حتى الآن ، فيرجى الاتصال بنا على
أصناف البيع (إن وجدت)
يمكن استرداد العناصر ذات الأسعار العادية فقط ، وللأسف لا يمكن استرداد العناصر المخفضة.
التبادلات (إن وجدت)
نحن نستبدل العناصر فقط إذا كانت معيبة أو تالفة. إذا كنت بحاجة إلى استبداله لنفس العنصر ، فأرسل لنا بريدًا إلكترونيًا على وأرسل العنصر الخاص بك إلى: 3 احمد عبد النبي ، النزهة ، القاهرة ، مصر.
إذا تم تمييز العنصر كهدية عند شرائه وشحنه إليك مباشرةً ، فستتلقى رصيد هدية بقيمة عائدك. بمجرد استلام العنصر المرتجع ، سيتم إرسال شهادة هدية إليك بالبريد.
إذا لم يتم وضع علامة على العنصر كهدية عند شرائه ، أو إذا قام مانح الهدية بشحن الطلب إلى نفسه ليعطيه لك لاحقًا ، فسنرسل إليك أموالك المستردة إلى مانح الهدايا وسيتعرف على عودتك.
لإرجاع منتجك ، يجب إرسال المنتج بالبريد إلى: 3 احمد عبد النبي ، النزهة ، القاهرة ، مصر
ستكون مسؤولاً عن دفع تكاليف الشحن الخاصة بك لإعادة العنصر الخاص بك. تكاليف الشحن غير قابلة للاسترداد. إذا استردت أموالك ، فسيتم خصم تكلفة إعادة الشحن من المبلغ المسترد.
اعتمادًا على المكان الذي تعيش فيه ، قد يختلف الوقت الذي يستغرقه وصول منتجك المستبدل إليك.
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